About Us

Gillanders Heating Ltd. is a Heating & Cooling Company from Chatham, Ontario, in the center of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.
    Originally operated in 1947 as Gillanders & Foley, primarily making and installing eaves-troughs for homes and businesses. The company met the needs of the city’s Residents, either residential, commercial, or industrial. Over time they grew into the heating & cooling industry providing their long-time customers with even more services & products.
    Later in the companies transitions, it became Gillanders Heating, continuing the same great service to the residents of Chatham & surrounding areas. After a change in ownership during the late ’70s, the company was registered as Gillanders Heating Ltd. and kept its customers & families in mind during the winter & summer seasons.
    Over the years of changes in industry, ownership, customers & family, Gillanders Heating Ltd. has always kept the consistency of providing the best possible service & products to its family of customers and it will continue to do so