Professional AC Tune-Up Services

It can be a cause for concern when your AC unit starts to make strange sounds. Before you go replacing it, you may want to consider having it tuned up first. Sometimes all that the unit needs is some care before it is up and running again. Ask your technician to do a thorough inspection and figure out what the problem is.

Air conditioning units typically last about 10 years before they need to be replaced, and they should be serviced once a year to keep them running for as long as possible. Of course, if your unit has not reached the 10-year mark, have a professional take a look at it before you spend the money to replace it.

Why is an AC tune-up necessary?

The HVAC system coupled with the air conditioning unit has many parts that can wear out over time. Get your unit and HVAC checked regularly to avoid going without an AC when there’s a problem.

During the inspection they will:

  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • clean or replace the air filter
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • remedy any safety hazards
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • Search for any leaks or cracks

Having your air conditioning unit tuned up from time to time will extend its useful life and prevent problems requiring service calls. Make sure your AC is maintained properly, just as you do with your car, to make sure that it runs well and efficiently. In the absence of a regular tuning up, energy charges may increase due to lower system efficiency, inconsistent house temperatures, and/or bigger problems due to neglect.

People don’t usually notice an issue until they turn on their device for the first time in the season because air conditioners are mostly used only for a couple of months of the year. Be sure to schedule an inspection of your air conditioning system in the spring, before it gets too warm outside. Not having a functioning air conditioner on an extremely hot day is not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous.

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

It can be hard to determine whether your AC unit needs a repair or has reached its end if you are unfamiliar with the details of air conditioning units. Getting a professional to inspect it will let you know if it is time for a new one or not. Below you will be able to see some things that you can watch out for to know if the AC unit that you are using just needs a tune-up or if it needs a replacement already.

The thermostat isn’t working

While it can be frustrating when your thermostat is broken and isn’t cooling your home, it could be something as simple as a wiring glitch or the calibration could be off instead of being an issue with the unit itself. A trained professional will inspect the thermostat’s wires and calibration before diagnosing the actual problem.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

If you don’t have an inspection, it can be hard to determine why your home is not evenly cooling. Due to the simple fact that heat rises, the upper levels are always going to be warmer than the lower ones. But if you notice drastic differences in temperatures between various rooms in your home, that could be a warning that there’s an issue with air filters, vents, or ducts.

Bad smells or noises

Noisy air conditioning units are always prone to damage and should be checked swiftly. A component in it may be loose and needs to be repaired before extensive damage occurs. Sometimes these problems are repairable, but at other times it is in your best interest to replace the unit. A bad smell could be caused by burned wires, or there could be mold in the ventilation ducts.

Unless you are an expert at air conditioners and you are a true professional who works in the industry every single day, the truth is that there is only one way that everything can get sorted out. This way is by calling the professionals to do an inspection and to help you discover the real reasons for things not working. Often, all that’s needed is a simple cleaning or a minor repair.


It is always a bad sign when you find leaks in your AC unit. AC repairs are usually expensive whether it is a water leak from the condenser or a coolant leakage from its lines. It’s cost-effective to replace an overused unit than repair it.

High energy bills.

If your energy bill is higher than usual, that means the air conditioner is working harder than usual to cool your house. All too often, it just so happens that the air conditioner has not been serviced in a while. If the unit is not too old, the best fix for it would be to have it serviced. Do not even try to do this on your own as it is going to be much more useful to call in a designated professional to do it.

If the unit is already old, then its issues may be caused by its old age already. A professional can make a thorough inspection of it to know the best course of action to take. If it needs to be replaced already, then the service professional can inform you about the energy-efficient options that you can find now in the market.