Professional Heating Services in Sarnia, Ontario

The last thing you’ll want is to be without heat on a frigid winter day. Depending on the place you live in, a broken heating system can result in having serious health problems if the temperature is low enough.

Anyone, regardless of age or health, is at risk of hypothermia if exposed to extreme cold. While gas or electric-powered devices may look like conveniences in modern times, many families now have become dependent on them. A few homes might not have other methods to keep them warm in the winter. So if the heater has broken down, it needs to be quickly repaired by an expert.

If you want to prevent problems and breakdowns, have professionals, at least once a year, give the unit proper service before winter sets in. An expert can make sure that the family can continue enjoying a comfortable environment. They can handle all the heating services necessary to keep your family comfortable during the cold season, and they can keep your unit operational for as long as possible.

A furnace can last up to 20 years on average and a heat pump can last up to 15 years. However, just like vehicles, both furnaces and heat pumps are most likely to have a longer lifespan when regularly serviced. Keep reading to learn more about the maintenance needs of heating units.

What do heating services professionals examine during an inspection?

Based on the systems used, heating services vary widely. Forced air heating using a furnace is common in many newer homes. Electric fireplaces, heat pumps, wood stoves, and pellet stoves are commonly used to heat older homes. A reliable technician can help service your heating system whatever the type you’re using.


A reliable professional should do a yearly inspection of a furnace whether it’s oil, gas, or electric-powered. By doing this they can see potential problems with it and fix them before they cause you trouble during the winter. A furnace expert will search for rust on specific parts from dampness and replace those to avert abrupt breakdowns. They will also see if there are any carbon monoxide leak and other possible electrical risks and fix them to keep your family safe.

If your AC unit is older than ten years, it might be time to replace it and get a new one. They can tell you about the more efficient units now which can lower your yearly energy bill.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is more commonly used in places that have moderate climates. Geothermal variations make some of these models popular in colder climates as well. Heat pumps trap outdoor air or heat from the ground and use electricity and a blower to heat it and distribute it throughout the house. When inspecting, a technician replaces filters, cleans tubes, fan blades, and coils, then he oils the mechanical pieces and checks thermostat operations.


Standard fireplaces, however, are not as efficient as the above methods when it comes to heating homes. But gas or electric inserts with blowers for a fireplace can be a less costly option for heating a home. They can be easily installed in an existing fireplace, and typically come with temperature control.

During an annual inspection, the technician will make sure the fan, vents, pilot light, and pilot safety system are all working properly and that the fireplace itself can be used safely.


Wood or pellet stoves likewise require yearly support to keep them effectively running. A professional is able to perform essential maintenance on your stove before the season starts, as well as to conduct a cleaning of ash. You can not only improve the cost efficiency of your stove by doing routine maintenance, you can also keep your family safe from fire.

A professional is going to clean ash from the exhaust pipes, lubricate the engine, inspect cables and switches, clean different parts of the fire chamber, and more. Pellets burn cleaner than wood, so compared to wood stoves, they are a more environmentally conscious choice. Annual maintenance is nonetheless essential to maintain a safe home throughout the winter. Built-up ash anywhere in the system can become hazardous.