A professional knows well what to look for in any air conditioning unit for repairs, whether it is under-performing or not turning on. When there is nothing a professional can do to revive it, they can help you find a new replacement to suit your home. If the unit has only been used for a few years and there are problems with it, then you will find some signs below that it is high time to have it serviced by an expert.

Low airflow from vents

Problems with the air ducts or the compressor can result in decreased or minimal airflow through the vents. You’re paying for the electricity to run the AC, but not getting the benefit of a comfortable home. A professional can quickly repair this issue and increase the efficiency of the unit.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

It can be frustrating when just a few rooms resist temperature changes, particularly when trying to maintain a cooler temperature. While it’s true that upper levels will naturally be warmer than lower ones, if the temperatures are drastically different, it can indicate an issue. In most cases, it will be your filters, vents, and/or ductwork that are the problem.



Notice bad smells or loud noises when the unit is on

If you notice an unpleasant odor emanating from your vents when the unit is running, there could be a problem in there somewhere between the vent and the unit. It could be the result of a burnt wire or mold in the ductwork. When you experience these issues, you need to call a professional to get their services. If you start to hear scratching or grinding noises, then this is also enough of a reason to call a professional.

Unit is leaking

Fluid leakage from the device could be either harmless water or harmful refrigerant. Any sign of leakage from your AC unit should prompt you to call in a professional. If it’s only water that’s leaking, an AC expert will simply swap out the condensation tubes. On the other hand, if your unit is leaking refrigerant, the compromised lines will need to be replaced.

The thermostat isn’t working

In some cases, the issue is with the switch itself and not the unit. An AC expert will always check out the thermostat to see if that’s the issue and repair or replace it if necessary. They can also check if the wiring is working properly and recalibrate the temperature readings.

Energy bills significantly higher

When your monthly electrical bill spikes higher than normal, it may be a warning that you have a problem with the unit, even though it may still seem completely normal. When the electrical bill is higher than ordinary, this can simply mean that you need to get help from a professional about it. A spike in your electrical bill may mean that your AC is working harder than it should be and needs professional servicing.



How can regular maintenance save you from repair?

Similar to a vehicle, AC units need regular maintenance so that they can stay fully functioning for a longer period. Most air conditioners are used only during certain months when temperatures are high. You might not realize there’s a problem with your air conditioner until you try to crank it up on the first hot day of summer.


If you get your unit regularly maintained, not only will they stay in good shape, but the professionals can spot problems and fix them before they cause major damage. Air conditioning professionals recommend an annual maintenance visit at a minimum. Be sure to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance appointment before temperatures begin to climb so that it will operate efficiently throughout the summer. Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule will save you money on repairs and energy costs, extending the lifespan of your air conditioner.